Big salad bowl 12" (Beachglass)

  • $149.00


This piece is made to share with our loved ones (for me there are few moments that are as important as it is sharing with family and friends). 

Also I've always thought that wood is such a generous and special material not just because it's renewable characteristic but because it also brings this feeling of coziness that makes me feel at home wherever I am,  so I would like to share this feeling with the world. this is my motivation.

Each of this pieces is handmade and finished with natural materials because I believe its on us (as designers and makers) to protect our planet.

Measurements: 12" D x 2 1/4" H

Material: Maple wood

Finish: Milk paint and tung oil. Food save (non toxic and 100% natural)

Main feature: Handmade and sustainable

Hand wash both sides with soft sponge or cloth is recommended. Do not leave to soak. Not suited for microwave or oven.