About this project...

Welcome to KD


My name is Karla Díaz and I am a Mexican currently living in Los Angeles.

I consider myself an artist devoted to wood (for better and for worse, to love and to cherish).  

The inspiration for this project comes from the desire to make products locally to protect the environment, to offer a healthy option to people and to bring joy through products that are made with love.

I am constantly experimenting with processes, concepts, shapes, colors and uses and that's how I keep myself happy and creative.


The materials I use during the process and the process itself are very important to me. First of all I decided to use wood because I love it! I think it’s a warm and cozy material, it is beautiful by nature, it is renewable if used wisely (that’s why I always make sure that the wood I use is certified), and it doesn’t generate any waste in case one day someone decides to throw it away. 
One of the things I am more concerned about is the use of certified wood, so I always make sure that the wood I use for each piece is certified. Certified wood comes from responsibly managed forests.
The Tung Oil by Real Milk Paint Company is a pure oil, meaning it comes without any additives or distillates. It’s one of the first and remains to be one of the only truly “Green” or environmentally friendly finishes. It is all natural and contains zero VOC’s.
To thin the Tung Oil when necessary I use Citrus Solvent which is made with 98% pure citrus peel oil extracted from the peel of the orange fruit; the other 2% is water.
It’s environmentally friendly, no VOC, and non toxic. Made from 100% organic material, safe for kids and pets.