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Of course during this time all we hear about is the Coronavirus (COVID19) and as we all know, we are going through a very complex moment in life by dealing with this pandemic. The virus is impacting not just the health of a lot of people around the world but the economy, politics and much more that we cannot even imagine yet.


But not everything has to be bad news, believe it or not there are still good things going on out there. A great example is nature. It is amazing how nature is taking advantage of this break to regenerate itself. Some kids are finally enjoying time with their parents; a lot of people can finally seat at the table to enjoy a healthy and warm meal and some others who never had time before now they’ve been able to go for a long walk everyday...this pandemic is effecting in a bad and in a good way many things that we take for granted everyday. 


Another great example of things that are going to change and that I love talking about are fashion and design!




Fashion and design are very vulnerable elements and both are influenced by several factors that are not just cinema, celebrities or creative explorations but political, economical, social, climate and technological too. That’s why we should expect to see certain changes in trends once the world starts spinning again.


And we still don’t know how the future of design or fashion is going to look like but when it comes about interior design I’m sure that we’ll  see new trends focusing more on home offices for example and areas inside the house that might create more comfortable and peaceful environments. 


Maybe areas inside the house that can be transformed into different spaces, spaces where people can share, work or isolate from the rest of the family (particularly thinking about those who are spending the quarantine with kids, although in those cases parents might need a bunker).


interior design home office coronavirus design trends




 It’s interesting to think about what is going to happen but whatever it is I would like to share in the meanwhile just some ideas about how to make a more relaxing home (probably one of the next trends for 2021).


Color is one of the most important elements that either can make a home feel like home or a place you want to run away from, so lets focus on that.


Whites are always an easy and clever answer, they match everything. Whites make everything look bigger and they give more light to any room in the house. If anyone wants to add some color it can be made with accessories like pillows, carpets, paintings and so on or you can also keep it neutral in a more Nordic style.


Here’s an inspirational mood board from the Italian Bark which I hope helps you think about new ideas specially if you are getting bored of your own home now that we all are spending so much time in it.



Well, these are just few ideas about decor but the most important message is to try to focus on the good things that are coming out of all this.


Stay save and see you next week!




Karla Díaz

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